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Café Scene





Video Reels

International Online Soccer – Game Model Breakdown

Individual Character Breakdowns

Final Male Bust

Final Bust Breakdown (PDF)

Cyborg – Game Character

My concept. Game-res model, 15k tris. Hard surface modeling done in Maya/Zbrush Texturing in Photoshop. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.



Environment Reel – 2010

Piece One:

Flying Ship  and Sky Dock – Personal project Created all assets and concept work. Physics Simulations for the ropes, chains, pulley, sails, flags. Created using Maya, Zbrush and Photoshop. Composited using Adobe After Effects and Premiere.

Piece Two:

Forest – Personal project Created all assets. Textures were sampled from photo sourcing. Grass and plants were hand painted. Trees and organics were sculpted in Zbrush. Textured in Photoshop.

Lighting information: Final Gather/GI with AO pass. Created using Maya, Zbrush, and Photoshop. Composited using Autodesk Toxic and Premiere.